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          Texas A&M University-Texarkana officials have announced that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has voted to approve the university’s plan to launch a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree in the fall of 2020. Initial funding for the expansion of the engineering program was secured through the funding of A&M-Texarkana’s Better East Texas Initiative (BET) which received $3.6 million from 日e 86 ag体育州的立法机关。投注举措确定了若干具体的教育需要更好的机会服务于德州东部地区的人们和各行业。

          “Texas A&M’s announcement to add mechanical engineering programs at the Texarkana campus demonstrates the forward thinking that resonates in the soul of this region,” said Rob Sitterley, President & CEO of AR-TX REDI. “Investment in developing engineering talent is not an optional endeavor, but rather the single most important aspect of workforce development today. Communities, like ours, that embrace and foster STEM education and training are the ones that will grow and thrive well into 日e future.”

          “我很高兴听到tamut将增加机械工程的工程计划,”罗恩柯林斯JCM工业公司总裁说。 “在特克萨卡纳具有该工程计划是为我们的近期和长期目标非常重要。我们一直有派员工外出郊游接受教育,并在我们扩大的工程部门,这将使我们能够在这里发展我们自己的人才特克萨卡纳“。

          听候学院和学校的南部的协会的最终批准,就推出了在2020年秋季机械工程专业科学学士学位的大学计划,与电气工程目前的学位课程一起去。 “我们的工程专业的学生目前正在采取在其前两年的工程基础课程。这使他们看到的学习兴趣他们其中大部分领域,他们的小辈年之前的机械和电气工程之间的决定,”加里stading,业务院长,工程和技术的tamut的大学说。

          The addition of new Computer Aided Design (CAD) labs announced in November will play an integral role in A&M-Texarkana’s engineering courses. The university received a $250,000 grant from the American Electric Power Foundation to install state-of-the-art CAD workstations, video projection systems, and 3D printers in two phases over the next two years. “The AEP Foundation CAD Labs will provide the technology needed for students to work on design projects and receive course instruction, giving them the skills necessary to thrive in today’s workforce and well into the future,” said Kenne日 Irizarry, Lecturer of Engineering.

          We are so excited to be moving forward with our mechanical engineering program here at A&M-Texarkana,” said TAMUT President Dr. Emily Cutrer. “We know this program will provide excellent opportunities for our students and prepare them well for the future. Our local industry leaders have been asking for this. The program is needed not only to train employees today, but will play a crucial role in helping to bring additional industry into 日e area.”

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