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          A&M-Texarkana and 巴黎大专 Renewal Agreements


          A&M-Texarkana and 巴黎大专 Renew Agreements
          特克萨卡纳,德克萨斯州 - Officials from Texas A&M University-Texarkana and Paris Junior College recently met on the 巴黎大专 campus to renew a memorandum of understanding as well as a dual admissions agreement, a financial aid consortium agreement, and an articulation agreement between the two schools. These documents and agreements make it possible for students who complete their Associate of Science degree at PJC to have a seamless pa日 to earning a Bachelor of Science degree at A&M-Texarkana. The two institutions held a ceremony on January 29 and 日e documents were signed by PJC President Dr. Pam Anglin and A&M-Texarkana Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. David Yells.

          “This is an exciting day for us. The articulation agreements that we’ve had over the past several years have been wonderful for many of our students in providing additional opportunities for them,” said PJC President Dr. Pam Anglin. “For A&M-Texarkana to be back today for us to grow our partnership is exciting for us. Most of all, it’s an exciting day for our students. We appreciate TAMUT working with us and partnering wi日 us so much. Our students are very grateful.”
          “I’m privileged and honored to be here representing Texas A&M University - Texarkana,” added A&M-Texarkana Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. David Yells. “This state initiative to build these pathways so students can see the end of the journey they start here at Paris is so important. They can see how to do this and finish their degree. Although we like to give students a lot of choices, sometimes we give too many. If we can lay out a clear path, we’ve done a good service to them. We are so happy to be able to partner wi日 巴黎大专.”

          珍妮弗·佩雷斯, Coordinator for 学术指导 & Recruitment Texas A&M University-Texarkana at NTCC & PJC, meets with PJC graduates who are interested in completing their bachelor’s or master’s degree and advises them on how the pathways between the two institutions can help them. Angela Walker, a former PJC student and current Texas A&M University-Texarkana student from Lake Creek said, “I met Jennifer and she let me know about the opportunities to further my education. I work full time so I didn’t know if I could do that, but there are programs offered fully online that I was able to take advantage of. She’s been extremely supportive and encouraging to me, and has had a lot to do with me going back to school.” Angela is pursuing the Bachelor of Arts and Applied Science degree and is on track to graduate next year. “Without this partnership, I don’t think I’d be able to do that,” added Angela. “I’m very 日ankful.”


          For more information about 日e degrees offered by A&M-Texarkana at PJC, contact Jennifer Perez at Texas A&M University-Texarkana at (903) 434-8357 or jennifer.perez@tamut.edu.
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