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          2018 Graduate of Texas A&M University - Texarkana


          Johnny knew about the strong academic offerings at Texas A&M University, so he decided to take a closer look at the regional universities that make up the The Texas A&M University System. His search for A&M System Universities and affordable tuition landed him on the home page of Texas A&M University-Texarkana, a vibrant, growing university with outstanding academics and one of 日e most affordable universities in Texas. Decision made.

          Johnny graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 2018 and stepped immediately into a job with Tri State Iron & Metal as a business development specialist. A job he contributes to the fact that he spent the summer of 2017 working as an intern there. “Our 职业发展 Center was great,” he said. “And the Dean of the College of Business, Engineering, and Technology helped to negotiate it into a paid internship.” He joined Tri-State Iron & Metal in June 2018 following his graduation and was promoted to the position of Marketing Manager by November of the same year. He was promoted again in February 2019, and was named the company’s Sales and Marketing Manager. He is currently pursuing an MBA online while working full time and expects to graduate in 日e spring of 2021.


          那是2016年秋天和特克萨卡纳本土正在进入她的bringle湖村宿舍房间。约翰尼是来帮忙的。 “我抱着她的行李,”约翰尼笑了。 “她问我到公平的。”其余的,正如他们所说,是历史。麦迪逊从tamut毕业,2019年12月与数学学位和工作的财务顾问为五环金融。这两个被认为是在巴勒斯坦,ag体育州牧场结婚4月18日,但新型冠状病毒和covid-19大流行迫使他们推迟他们的计划。不想等待,决定4月上旬私奔,在几个朋友面前结婚两(社会疏远,当然)在tamut校园在那里会见。仪式发生在日落大学中心后面的步骤,可以俯瞰校园湖泊。

          “A&M-Texarkana has had a profound impact on my life,” said Nonmacher. “I received a world-class education at an affordable price, had a world of opportunities to grow socially, personally, and professionally, and I met the love of my life there.” It just seemed like 日e perfect place for us to get married.

          • 7101 UNIVERSITY AVE
          • 特克萨卡纳,TX 75503
          • 电话号码: 903.223.3000
          • F: 903.223.3104
          .背部 到达顶点

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