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          2020年5研究生 - 博士教育领导

          Melissa McIntosh serves as the Academic Dean of Marshall High School located in Marshall, Texas. In this role since 2013, she is a member of the campus administration team and is dedicated to serving the teaching staff as they provide quality instruction for students.  In May 2020, with determination and a passion for learning McIntosh graduated from Texas A&M – Texarkana with her doctorate in Education Leadership. This not only challenged her personal growth but gave her the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most talented educators in Texas and Arkansas. The professors at TAMUT taught, stretched, and supported students throughout the journey to become the scholars they are today. With her doctorate complete she looks to an exciting future full of possibilities. 曾担任公共教育23年,她希望继续该服务有一天教大学水平。 What an honor it would be to give back to students and fellow educators that seek to invest in self so later they can better serve others!
          • 7101 UNIVERSITY AVE
          • 特克萨卡纳,TX 75503
          • 电话号码: 903.223.3000
          • F: 903.223.3104
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